We are glad to announce that our next development version, number 2012-02, is available for testing from our dailybuild section. Note that you'll also find in this dailybuild section several 486 builds of the stable release, for the oldest computers (our official builds target the 686 architecture). The changes in version 2012-02 are detailed in a recent post on our mailing list. Here is the summary:

  • Deep code refactoring under the skin due to the ARM™ port. As a result installing DoudouLinux on a computer is now just a matter of installing our ultimate meta-package doudoulinux-desktop-environment (blog post to come soon on this topic).
  • Lots of new applications and games, see the updated page New applications. This is not the final application set that will end in our next stable release planned for mid 2012.
  • Improved look & feel compared to the previous development version (window decorations, theme, icons, cursor, buttons, panel layout, etc.). The position of all buttons on window title bars have moved to the left on LTR languages since many OS'es now do this.
  • Size of icons in advanced activities is now computed at boot to occupy around half the screen area (see the related post on this blog).
  • Graphical layout is now adapted to LTR/RTL languages at boot and session start. This is required for ARM™ and a future multi-language DVD.
  • Added playlists for online music and videos using contents from archive.org (browse directories in activity Whole DoudouLinux).
  • Improved system security: now only DoudouLinux activities don't require a password to be started, instead of all users!
  • Several fixes, among those Network-manager unable to store Wifi passphrases and system tools requiring admin password to work, eg. new printer.

We invite everyone to test this version then report issues and suggestions, so download and enjoy!

NB: the development release should be officially published within a week.