Some times ago, we, Xavier, Jean-Michel and Elisa had the idea to make DoudouLinux known to a larger number of people, Boeotian or neophytes of the free and open source world, thanks to Linux-related paper magazines. We have chosen a FLOSS magazine, not technically-oriented and speaking about accessible topics. Our choice has then set on the Diamonds Editions magazines and more particularly on their magazine Linux Pratique Essentiel.

So we started a text document editable by several people simultaneously on and carried out the task and the work. After several days of collaboration we got an article that sounds correct.

The "draft" has then been sent to the magazine editor and was accepted after some minor modifications (mainly screenshots). Today we are very happy to announce that it has been published, with 4 full pages dedicated to Doudoulinux. You can see an overview of the magazine at the following address: Diamonds Editions.

The article is paid and all the collected funds will be given back to our association!

The magazine is distributed in several French-speaking countries (France, Belgium, etc.) and can be ordered in other European countries. It will be available in bookshops in April, we hope that you will enjoy reading it :). Feel free to send us feedback.