The new stable version of DoudouLinux is not completely achieved yet but we are happy to present some changes that will be brought to the next stable version of DoudouLinux, which is expected for mid 2012.


The DoudouLinux project wants to be as open and free (freedom) as possible. He also wants to propose a computing experience that is free of advertisement and spywares, may they come from installed software or from visited web pages. But it is sometimes difficult to get rid of few habits… or companies.

Therefore, we are very proud to announce that the Google Co. won't be able to collect and resell our children data anymore! Indeed, the growing spying practices of this great company should be soon bypassed by the use of DuckDuckGo as the default DoudouLinux search engine.

Its speed, its simplicity and its image have been noticed by the project manager who proposed it to the team for integration into the project.

New presentation

The menu LxLauncher (it is the main menu in “Whole DoudouLinux” and “Mini DoudouLinux”) has been reworked. The goal is the accessibility for young children who can't read, plus aesthetic. Henceforth, they will recognize the icons more easily and intuitively: icons have been changed and enlarged.

Look at the screenshot below to see how this new look & feel will be.

New LXLauncher

A new name

Gondwana is the name of the current stable version but… what will be the name of the next stable version? After the letter “G” is the letter “H” and (perhaps) should Hyperborea be a good name for the next DoudouLinux?

Any other idea? Feel free to submit them in comments or on our mailing lists.