We are still working on improving the DoudouLinux user interface (UI). The previous work has been focusing on the desktop, made of the LxLauncher tabs. Now we're focusing on the panel LxPanel for a better integration and a better user experience. Several improvements have been achieved:

  • look & feel integrated with the desktop
  • redesign of many network-manager icons because they couldn't be enlarged
  • code backported from the volume plugin to the alsavolume plugin to get a changing volume icon, depending on the volume value
  • nicer icons for the volume icon
  • fixed font size in clock, not correctly following the panel size
  • improved battery look & feel, it still requires some work though
  • the panel can now be covered by application windows

A dailybuild will be soon available in several languages to get feedback from our community. The result of this work is as follows:

New interface (2012-04)

If you're wondering what is the role of the country flag in the panel: this is the keyboard layout. Finally another screenshot with an application window:

New interface, with calculator (2012-04)

Other UI improvements are on the go and will be soon detailed in new posts :). Stay tuned!