At the REWICS 2012 (fr), the DoudouLinux association met people from the region of Lille (France) and more specifically the ANIS association (fr).

This one, active in development and promotion about citizens and uses for new information technologies (including the open source, free software and responsible web) but also in the re-use of equipment in the Northern Pas-de-Calais Department, published an article on DoudouLinux.

So ANIS talks about Doudoulinux (fr) ; the article has also been taken on Facebook (fr) (dated 08/05/2012) and Twitter (fr).

Various refurbishers have also been informed by the ANIS association.

Doudoulinux association thanks especially Julie Bailleul ((139 rue des Arts 59100 Roubaix - 03 20 28 48 68 - and her current staff at the REWICS for their initiative.