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Sunday 13 May 2012

The ANIS Association about DoudouLinux

At the REWICS 2012 (fr), the DoudouLinux association met people from the region of Lille (France) and more specifically the ANIS association (fr).

This one, active in development and promotion about citizens and uses for new information technologies (including the open source, free software and responsible web) but also in the re-use of equipment in the Northern Pas-de-Calais Department, published an article on DoudouLinux.

So ANIS talks about Doudoulinux (fr) ; the article has also been taken on Facebook (fr) (dated 08/05/2012) and Twitter (fr).

Various refurbishers have also been informed by the ANIS association.

Doudoulinux association thanks especially Julie Bailleul ((139 rue des Arts 59100 Roubaix - 03 20 28 48 68 - and her current staff at the REWICS for their initiative.

Tuesday 27 March 2012

Some news in preview

The new stable version of DoudouLinux is not completely achieved yet but we are happy to present some changes that will be brought to the next stable version of DoudouLinux, which is expected for mid 2012.


The DoudouLinux project wants to be as open and free (freedom) as possible. He also wants to propose a computing experience that is free of advertisement and spywares, may they come from installed software or from visited web pages. But it is sometimes difficult to get rid of few habits… or companies.

Therefore, we are very proud to announce that the Google Co. won't be able to collect and resell our children data anymore! Indeed, the growing spying practices of this great company should be soon bypassed by the use of DuckDuckGo as the default DoudouLinux search engine.

Its speed, its simplicity and its image have been noticed by the project manager who proposed it to the team for integration into the project.

New presentation

The menu LxLauncher (it is the main menu in “Whole DoudouLinux” and “Mini DoudouLinux”) has been reworked. The goal is the accessibility for young children who can't read, plus aesthetic. Henceforth, they will recognize the icons more easily and intuitively: icons have been changed and enlarged.

Look at the screenshot below to see how this new look & feel will be.

New LXLauncher

A new name

Gondwana is the name of the current stable version but… what will be the name of the next stable version? After the letter “G” is the letter “H” and (perhaps) should Hyperborea be a good name for the next DoudouLinux?

Any other idea? Feel free to submit them in comments or on our mailing lists.

Saturday 24 March 2012

Doudoulinux in Linux Pratique Essentiel

Some times ago, we, Xavier, Jean-Michel and Elisa had the idea to make DoudouLinux known to a larger number of people, Boeotian or neophytes of the free and open source world, thanks to Linux-related paper magazines. We have chosen a FLOSS magazine, not technically-oriented and speaking about accessible topics. Our choice has then set on the Diamonds Editions magazines and more particularly on their magazine Linux Pratique Essentiel.

So we started a text document editable by several people simultaneously on and carried out the task and the work. After several days of collaboration we got an article that sounds correct.

The "draft" has then been sent to the magazine editor and was accepted after some minor modifications (mainly screenshots). Today we are very happy to announce that it has been published, with 4 full pages dedicated to Doudoulinux. You can see an overview of the magazine at the following address: Diamonds Editions.

The article is paid and all the collected funds will be given back to our association!

The magazine is distributed in several French-speaking countries (France, Belgium, etc.) and can be ordered in other European countries. It will be available in bookshops in April, we hope that you will enjoy reading it :). Feel free to send us feedback.

Thursday 9 February 2012


Despite the efforts of the team to be present at the FOSDEM (Free Open Source Developers European Meeting) we have not succeeded this difficult last minute task.

Fortunately thanks to our drawers, we put up twenty colored A4 posters in the 4 buildings of the FOSDEM. This helped make our project known.

Poster FOSDEM (Fred version)
The poster put in the FOSDEM building (by Fred)

Thanks to this, more than 4000 visitors, contributors, volunteers and developers have directly or indirectly received information about the project.

Poster DoudouLinux at the Mozilla stand
A poster of DoudouLinux put in background of one of the most visited stands in the FOSDEM : the Mozilla stand. (Credits : C. Gesché -

We hope our group is going to grow. Therefore we are recruiting volunteers, developers, graphic designers and other “FLOSS people”. Come and help us too !

Wednesday 25 January 2012

DoudouLinux demo in a Belgian school

The 16th January took place in Brussels the first presentation of DoudouLinux in a Belgian school, at the public school number 13.

A particularity of this school is its exceptional architecture which can welcome more than 1000 pupils with a nursery school division of 100 children. At Belgium level, it is a large capacity institution with high cultural mix, mostly coming from the European Union.

Taking the opportunity of the teachers lunch break, two local representatives of the newly created DoudouLinux association (known as Xavier and Frédéric) presented DoudouLinux to a targeted audience: 7 teachers of the nursery school and its director.

Xavier is presenting DoudouLinux

Equipped with three computers (two of them for demonstration, the latest one running the slide show), bringing improvised “Welcome packs” for each teacher, Xavier and Frédéric began by giving a maximum of information about the spirit of the project and its technical details. The packs contain the French Wikipedia article printed, a non-official leaflet and a CD-ROM of the latest version of DoudouLinux Gondwana.

We have to confess that the audience was a bit cold at first, showing few interest into the small technical details and free culture.

After this brief introduction, putting technical topics aside regained the attention of the teachers. Xavier and Frédéric went on with a question-answer play. They had to improvise primarily on DoudouLinux components: games, educational suites but also the various components, customization of the operating system and emphasis on security (“live-CD” among other things)…

DoudouLinux, a teacher on the computer

The demonstration ended after 45 minutes with a “live demo” of Gondwana. Teachers tried out the DoudouLinux environment by taking place in front of both computers. Finally they all seemed pretty convinced (personal impressions of Frédéric and Xavier).

What’s up next? The future is not waiting to see: an appointment is to be set in order to “deliver” 3 computers with DoudouLinux (installation on hard disk) and we are looking forward to getting feedback from teachers who received the “Welcome pack”.

This, of course, will be the topic of another post.