The 16th January took place in Brussels the first presentation of DoudouLinux in a Belgian school, at the public school number 13.

A particularity of this school is its exceptional architecture which can welcome more than 1000 pupils with a nursery school division of 100 children. At Belgium level, it is a large capacity institution with high cultural mix, mostly coming from the European Union.

Taking the opportunity of the teachers lunch break, two local representatives of the newly created DoudouLinux association (known as Xavier and Frédéric) presented DoudouLinux to a targeted audience: 7 teachers of the nursery school and its director.

Xavier is presenting DoudouLinux

Equipped with three computers (two of them for demonstration, the latest one running the slide show), bringing improvised “Welcome packs” for each teacher, Xavier and Frédéric began by giving a maximum of information about the spirit of the project and its technical details. The packs contain the French Wikipedia article printed, a non-official leaflet and a CD-ROM of the latest version of DoudouLinux Gondwana.

We have to confess that the audience was a bit cold at first, showing few interest into the small technical details and free culture.

After this brief introduction, putting technical topics aside regained the attention of the teachers. Xavier and Frédéric went on with a question-answer play. They had to improvise primarily on DoudouLinux components: games, educational suites but also the various components, customization of the operating system and emphasis on security (“live-CD” among other things)…

DoudouLinux, a teacher on the computer

The demonstration ended after 45 minutes with a “live demo” of Gondwana. Teachers tried out the DoudouLinux environment by taking place in front of both computers. Finally they all seemed pretty convinced (personal impressions of Frédéric and Xavier).

What’s up next? The future is not waiting to see: an appointment is to be set in order to “deliver” 3 computers with DoudouLinux (installation on hard disk) and we are looking forward to getting feedback from teachers who received the “Welcome pack”.

This, of course, will be the topic of another post.